Scuff Marks
The Cleaning Process for Hardscapes


The cleaning process after installation will always begin the same, pre-wet (do not saturate) the surface. The main differences will be in the dwell time of NMD 80 or adding a secondary product, such as White Scum Presoak. Since every paver is manufactured under various circumstances, the process can also vary! Much like the normal cleaning process, testing is necessary to determine which protocol is appropriate.

Scuff Marks will generally occur when the pavers have peaks and valleys. This is caused by the layer above rubbing the peaks. Cleaning after installation will even out the appearance of the peaks and valleys.

The cleaning process is the same as general cleaning after installation, however the dwell time for NMD 80 needs to be extended to remove the scuff marks.

After Pavers have been installed and before landscaping has begun, follow the procedures below to remove efflorescence, jobsite debris, and dirt:

  • 1. Lightly pre-wet (do not soak) the paver surface.
  • 2. Apply NMD 80 through an EC Jet for Pavers using overlapping strokes to achieve even coverage.
  • 3. Allow the product to dwell for 7 to 10 minutes. Do not allow the product to dry on the surface. Re-apply as necessary to keep product wet.
    The key to removing the scuff marks is to allow extended dwell times.
  • 4. Re-apply NMD 80 through and EC Jet for Pavers to melt away the remaining efflorescence, jobsite debris, and dirt.

    *With NMD 80, the longer it stays on the paver surface, the cleaner the end results. It has been noted that longer dwell times produce a decrease in the water rinse.

  • 5. Begin rinsing from the highest elevation to the lowest. Use long, even strokes that overlap each other. Low pressure rinse is recommended through the EC Jet (turn off the soap valve and rinse). If a pressure washer is unavailable, a garden hose may be used.

    *When using a pressure washer, a wide tip nozzle is suggested. Care should be taken near the joints not to “blow” the sand out.