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Issue Statements
A Wealth of Helpful Information


Block Study

  • Integral Water Repellent Study and White Scum Study on block

Brick Study

  • A look at some of the most common cleaning issues for brick - Calcite, Efflorescence, Vanadium, Manganese, and White Scum

End Cleaning Efflorescence

  • Explanation of some causes of efflorescence, best practices to minimize its impact, and the proper chemicals to remove it

Soft Metal

  • Explanation of the chemical reaction to soft metals when in contact (not submerssed) with chemicals.

Vanadium & Manganese Statement

  • Explanation of some causes of vanadium and manganese stains, best practices to minimize its impact, and the proper cehmicals to remove it

Water Migration in Brick

  • Slideshow - multiple issues caused by water migration in brick. Photos courtesy of BIA

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Related

Environmental Statement

  • Downloadable document clarifying our environmental statement

Seasonal Weather Issues

  • Downloadable document dealing with seasonal weather issues


Aluminum Brighteners

  • Our blog area focusing on industry specific topics

Anodized Aluminum

  • What to consider before choosing your anoized aluminum cleaning products

Restoring Brick

  • Specific techniques used for the four most common brick restoration situations


  • What is the discoloration on copper when it comes in contact with chemicals? Will it effect the integrity?

Brushless Truckwash

  • Saving you time and labor with more effective truck wash cleaning

Iron Spot Cleaning

  • Issues that can arise on iron spot brick and how to help prevent them and correct them

Limestone Restoration

  • How to clean and restore limestone using EaCo Chem products

White Granite & Sandstone

  • Inherent cleaning issues when HCI cleaners are used on flamed salt & pepper granite or white sandstone


How much coverage is needed?

  • Downloadable document that breaks down the math of how to determine the amount of product to purchase for a certain job

How much chemical do I need?

  • Downloadable document that discusses how much chemical and dilutions you may need

How to Identify Water-Based or Oil-Based Paint (Field Test)

  • Simple field test to identify water or oil based paint

Testing Benefits

  • Downloadable document on the importance and benefits of testing

Test Kits

  • When you're faced with problems that you can't seem to find the answers for, look no further than an EaCo Chem test kit.