End Of Efflorescence
Causes and Solutions

Cleanup efflorescence is caused by chlorine ions left on the masonry surface by un-buffered acids used in the cleaning process. The ions react with moisture, a calcium chloride substance rises to the surface, and efflorescence is created. NMD 80 is a buffered acidic cleaner that does not leave behind chlorine ions, therefore eliminating cleanup efflorescence.

Variables beyond EaCo Chem’s control prevent a guarantee that efflorescence will not form in time. Some factors that cause efflorescence: improper use of NMD 80 (i.e. adding “junk” to the juice), using an inferior cleaning product, or faults in the construction (poor flashings, no weep holes, etc.). Since EaCo Chem cannot control all factors, we cannot ensure that efflorescence will not form. However, by being proactive with the final clean of new masonry, you will be able to prevent the occurrence of cleanup efflorescence. Through careful construction and appropriate chemical choice, the end of cleanup efflorescence is here.

Should cleanup efflorescence occur, you will be able to remove it after the fact, safely and easily. By using NMD 80 or EF-Fortless, you can correct cleanup efflorescence. This is an effective, proactive approach to deal with an existing condition.

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