Brushless Truck Washing

Brushless truck washing saves time and labor with more effective cleaning. The need for manual brushing is reduced, however we are not advocating leaving the brush at home. The brush is useful for glass, mirror backs, chrome or heavy grease in spots. Don’t use the brush to achieve the bulk of your clean; use it to dress the finished product!

Agitation release cleaners use some chemistry, but the point may be to lubricate the brush to reduce friction or to produce suds to impress customers. Suds don’t clean anything. They cost you money by increasing your rinse time and are more likely to leave a soap film.

There are three general types of chemical release brushless cleaners:

  • Single Application - Safe for paint and polished aluminum
  • Double Application - Alkaline - safe for paint not for polished aluminum
  • Two Step - Acid/Alkali - Any acid and one of our alkali truck wash soaps

1. Single Application:

    A single application is the most difficult clean to achieve. We recommend Dazzle (RTU), Showboat and Truck Wash Supreme (TWS) SC diluted (20:1). Showboat and TWS SC give tremendous shine and are safe on polished aluminum. Sizzle can be used at times, though the application must be thoroughly and quickly rinsed. The power in these types of soaps demands a critical balance of surfactants to break the bond without being aggressive on sensitive surfaces (such as polished aluminum). Sizzle does not release the film if it is not rinsed completely. On heavily filmed vehicles a good, thorough rinse is very important.

2. Double Application:

    Double application is the process of laying one application of soap on top of another one without rinsing in between applications. This allows for tremendous film and stain release with the right product. Glory BC, diluted (50:1) is the right product for many people. Showboat is another option and is best applied with double application, diluted (10:1 to 20:1). Any soap can benefit from a double application, but only Glory BC is completely safe on painted surfaces. With double application, generally start with the worst area, working away then returning. This allows for adequate dwell time while finishing with another application on the pre-softened areas. Allow the worst areas to soak longer and rinse them last (unless the area is the buggy air dam on top of a tractor, then the rinse would begin there). Rinsing is quick and easy, and the products will always leave a shine.

    Surface Drying

      Dilutions (rtu) are between 10:1 to 20:1. Any soap can benefit from double application, but only Glory Truckwash can do it with complete safety on every surface except polished aluminum. This product enables you to go brushless. Glory Truckwash can dry on the surface and not set stains. The surfactants allow Glory Truckwash to dry on the surface and rinse right off cannot take high heat; water temperature must be kept below 125 degrees F. Any soaping process should proceed from the worst area to the least affected. This allows for adequate dwell time while applying the second application of the pre-softened areas. Rinsing is quick and easy. The products will always rinse off and leave a shine.

3. Two Step:

    Two stepping is a very popular system for fixed site applications, typically applying the acid first, followed by an alkali soap without rinsing in between applications. For a “safe for polished aluminum” system, use HD Sabre and Showboat or Truck Wash Supreme SC diluted (20:1), each from blenders concentrate. Stainless steel tankers positively glow when using HD Sabre and Glory Truckwash BC at (50:1) dilution, each from blenders concentrate. A very aggressive system consists of Brite 10 BC diluted (10:1) and Sizzle diluted (20:1) from blenders concentrate and kit product. This system would be used when regular maintenance has been ignored or heavy oxidation is present. All of the combinations can be reversed by applying alkali soap first, as it may be useful in hard water areas.

Note (HD, BC & SC): blender concentrates

The information given is a summary. Product Data and Specification sheets are available for detailed information.