Why Clean Hardscape and Pavers After Installation?

Cleaning After Installation

Hardscape masonry units have been used for years to enhance outdoor spaces, parks, campuses, country clubs and many other places. While they can create a very inviting environment, they can also have unsightly appearances.

These masonry units can inherently have a little dust or film on them from the manufacturing and storage process. Cleaning these units properly after installation, whether vertical or horizontal, will typically remove any dust or film and leave the units clean and crisp!

Regardless of whether they are clay or concrete pavers, natural or synthetic paving stones or concrete retaining wall blocks, it is very important to clean after installation to:

  • Enhance the overall color;
  • Remove job site dirt and debris left behind by the installers;
  • Remove any imperfections caused by the manufacturing or storage process;
  • Allow the unit to properly breathe to help prevent future water derived staining;
  • Prepare the surface for sealing if desired.

These masonry units can also have other issues on them before installation, such as:

  • Efflorescence;
  • Scuff Marks;
  • Secondary Hydration or "Halos";
  • Hard Water Stains;

Proper cleaning with the appropriate chemicals and equipment can almost ensure that your customer will be completely satisfied with your service when you leave the job site.