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Caustic Multi-Layer Paint & Black Crust Remover

Stripper Cream is a thickened multilayer paint remover. Using NMD 80 for proper neutralization, Stripper Cream is excellent for wood stripping and repainting. Stripper Cream also removes heavy dimensional black crust on limestone & sandstone. When diluted with water, the product works well as a graffiti remover. Alkyd enamels can be stripped using a two-step process that utilizes AcrylicStrip and Stripper Cream.


  • Excellent consistency and coverage that enables spray, roll, or brush application
  • Ready to use right out of the container
  • Pleasant odor
  • Proven effective with one application
  • When used properly, remains on vertical surfaces without drying out
  • Product continues to work over a prolonged period of time

Paint Stripping Manual | Stripper Cream Product Spec | Stripper Cream SDS

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