Brushless Truck Wash System

SIZZLE is brushless pressure wash soap. SIZZLE truck wash system is versatile in the ways it may be applied: low or high pressure as well as through foaming arch. Highpressure application will give faster performance and higher dilutions. The product works best when heated, also functions well cold. The water softeners are built in and are to be used to the greatest advantage if premixed at high dilutions before application. A pressure rinse is recommended with the SIZZLE.


  • High dilutions


  • Not safe on poliushed aluminum, passable with a quick rinse

Sizzle Product Spec Sheet | Sizzle RTU SDS (Pels Powder SDS / Powder Add Part A SDS)

Complimentary Products

Glory BC

Glory BC is a brushless truck wash which utilizes the “Million Mile Shine” system.

EC Shine

The EC Shine system is a cleaner that is a brightener and does not etch or cause whiteness on aluminum.

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