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Aluminum Brightener and Cleaner that Does Not Etch

The EC Shine system is a cleaner that is a brightener and does not etch or cause whiteness on aluminum. There is no chance of marking the glass. This is an excellent system for polished aluminum tanks as this product will not remove the oil polished finish.

Uses Include:

  • Spray on Asphalt Release System for Truck Beds
  • Finish Protection System for Paint or Metal
  • Spray or Brush On Polished Shine
  • Renewing Salt Corrosion Protection Coating

EC Shine Product Specification | EC Shine SDS (A / B)

ec shine

The EC Shine System is a water based spray or brush on, high-shine system for un-etched aluminum, sound painted surfaces, or stainless steel. This process can replace buffing. It will not restore the shine on paint if the clear coat is gone. Nor will it reshine aluminum truck bodies cleaned with hydrofluoric acid. It is generally a long lasting, hard film forming polymer coating that can result in mirror finish results. As a brush on system for polished aluminum tankers it will clean as it shines and can be rinsed with a pressure washer or garden hose.


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