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Welcome to EaCo Chem, Inc.

EaCo Chem, Inc. is a leader in developing a new wave of cost effective and powerful brushless cleaning solutions for the masonry, construction and transportation industries. Our focus on brushless products helps contractors maximize profits, reduce liability costs and increase productivity. EaCo Chem's products are among the best available and include new masonry detergents, restoration agents, paint strippers, efflorescence removal, house and deck cleaners, truck washing soaps, and a variety of specialty products.

With products like NMD 80, OneRestore, Stripper Cream, Heritage Restorer, and SOS-50, you'll get the results you're looking for on all of your new construction, restoration, hardscape, stripping and degreasing projects.

Success Stories

Lime Run

(calcium hydroxide)

Lime Run occurs as a steady release of calcium soaked water that creates a streak.

multiple substrates
Multiple Substrates

NMD 80 can be used on all masonry substrates including brick, stone, synthetic stone, precast concrete, designer or colored block.

landmark restoration
Landmark Restoration

Restoring history with Heritage Restorer.


The clear answer for cleaning glass and anodized aluminum.

Paver Fade
Paver Fade

The safest, most effective and profitable way to clean new masonry.

All-Purpose Cleaner
All-Purpose Cleaner

Exceptional brushless removal of oxidized paint from metal

High-Rise Cleaning
High-Rise Cleaning

The sky's the limit.

Paint Stripping
Paint Stripping

That paint is history!

New Construction
New Construction

Clear the smear.

~ Testimonial ~

"Navetta Mason Contractors reached out to EaCo Chem through Belden Brick Sales and requested training of their product, NMD 80 and EC Jet. Justin Bowers came out to our site in Michigan and trained our crew on the proper procedures using their product. The building we needed to wash had new brick and cast stone on it. Justin went through the training and had our men do hands-on training. What I liked about this system with the use of the EC Jet attachment to our power washer, it is designed to dilute the NMD 80, 4 parts water to 1 part chemical. This system applies the product much more consistently than the brush and bucket method preventing streaking and using less product. The results were great and we plan to go to this system with our future masonry cleaning."

Steve Dudek
Navetta Mason Contractors, Inc.