Cleansol BC | All-Purpose Cleaner

Exceptional Brushless Removal of Oxidized Paint from Metal

Industrial cleaning professionals will find this product exceptional at brushless removal of oxidized paint from metal including the removal of black stain from air pollution.

Wholesale distributor for petroleum products, Ewing Oil Company located in Hagerstown Maryland was the client. Maintenance cleaning and preparing the painted surface to be re-painted was performed by Squeeky Clean (Dan Link) in Bridgewater, VA. Impressed with the cleaning, Ewing awarded them the painting contract as well



A small mount of Cleansol BC (blenders concentrate) can go a long way, and is an extraordinary super concentrate. For example, a cylinder with a 50 ft radius x 50 ft height = approx. 31,415 ft². At a 50:1 (water to product) dilution for difficult cleaning, one five gallon pail makes 255 gallons of cleaner. Coverage rates will vary from 100 - 250 sq. ft. per gallon depending on the surface porosity, texture and severity of staining.

Cleansol BC is designed to be used with a pressure washer applied at low-pressure using either hot or cold water. Brushless cleaning requires the product to be laid on the surface using two quick applications, no rinsing between the applications, then rinsed after the last application dwell time for complete soil release.

Dwell times are approx 5 minutes for each application. A thorough rinse job is always recommended. Cleansol BC rinses freely, even if it dries on the surface. Each pass needs to be even. For efficiency, use a pressure washer in the 3 -5 gallons per minute range with a 40º tip. Pressures that mark or damage the surface should be avoided. Water softeners are built into the product so water pretreatment is generally not necessary.