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EC 101 WB
Water-Based Sealer for Masonry

EC 101 WB forms uniform, long lasting, water repellent coating on pavers, concrete surfaces, brick and split faced block. This coating enhances the surface without leaving the surface slippery when used on horizontal surfaces. Efflorescence problems can be dealt with even after the coating has been applied. EC 101 WB protects from water, normal wear, and some food and oil stains.


  • Water based product will not cloud during the drying process if moisture is present
  • Reacts with the substrate for excellent bonding/adhesion
  • Easy re-coating for touchups
  • Unaffected by most cleaners
  • Shows long term water repellency
  • Works on old and new substrates
  • Expected longevity of 10+ years on vertical surfaces

EC 101 WB Product Spec | EC 101 WB SDS


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