Maintain your Concrete Trucks & Equipment

Dazzle is a one-step truck wash that is safe for polished aluminum that can be brushless in some applications. One application of the product cuts film and loosens diesel smoke. Because there are no caustic or butyls in this soap, it is safe for indoor use and generally does not harm high quality waxes.


  • Safe on polished aluminum
  • Foam rinses quick and clean
  • No skin burn or unpleasant odor

Dazzle BC Product Spec | Dazzle BC SDS/MSDS

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Dazzle BC may be applied through a pressure washer downstream or upstream. You can use a low pressure applicator or brushing.


Rinsing is best with a pressure washer for brushless clean or with a garden hose after brushing. Do not allow the product to dry on the glass.