Maintain your Concrete Trucks & Equipment

CT Wash is designed to remove light to medium build-up of excess concrete from concrete mixer trucks and construction equipment. CT Wash is great for maintaining concrete trucks or equipment and is highly dilutable when regular maintenance is performed. For heavy build-up removal, use two or three applications spaced five minutes apart. This method is used to extended the dwell times depending on the severity of the build-up.

CT Wash Product Spec | CT Wash SDS/MSDS

Complimentary Products

Cleansol BC

Cleansol BC is an all-purpose alkaline cleaner for use on painted metal, EIFS, vinyl, roofs, porous concrete, siding, wood, etc., while acting as a neutralizer for acids used in high rise restoration.

HD Britenol

HD Britenol is an all purpose mild acid cleaner designed for use on homes and in light duty commercial applications which can be used on a variety of surfaces.

New Con

New Con Truck & Tool is a buffered detergent-based solution designed for cleaning concrete and mortar buildup from construction trucks and tools. No scrubbing is necessary.

Concrete Truck Cleaning

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ct wash

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