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E-mail us your before and after photo's, with project details, to be eligible to receive up to 5 gallons of a product of your choice. When e-mailing us your photographs, you acknowledge that you are agreeing to EaCo Chem's Photo Agreement Policy (Read below). Eligibility for the free product offer is subject to EaCo Chems approval and use of the photographs. Sending us your photographs does not guarantee that you will receive the free product offer.


We at EaCo Chem always try to make sure this site does not contain any inaccurate information. However, due to constant changes, this is an ongoing and difficult task. If you spot an error, please contact us. Meanwhile, EaCo Chem will continue and try to verify the information on the site. Please understand that EaCo Chem cannot be held responsible for any inaccurate information on this site.

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Feel free to print any part of this site. As long as you do not republish the site, in whole or in part, EaCo Chem has absolutely no problem with printing the site, although we do recommend that you check the site regularly for updates.


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Photo Agreement Policy

When sending us your photographs (whether electronically or physical mail) for any purpose such as consultation or other, you acknowledge that EaCo Chem receives all rights to those images, which may be reproduced, manipulated, or used in anyway that EaCo Chem sees fit. Use of photography is subject to EaCo Chems approval.

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