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Win a Free 5 Gallon Bucket!

EaCo Chem Product of Your Choice*

For Professional Use Only

What is it?

Simple answer: A competition of sorts.
The full answer: We want Masons and General Contractors across this great land of ours (America) to know our Quality Products and to be able to see your Quality Work. We want to promote YOU.
We will be directing people looking for jobs to those selected as Qualified Contractors. Make us Proud.

Who can enter?

Contractors who use EaCo Chem products.

How do I enter?**

Send an email to free5@eacochem.com with:

  1. Your name and company contact information
  2. Before & After photos of a project you are working on or have worked on
  3. A picture of you or your team with the EaCo Chem product used
  4. Information about the project and what was used
  5. If selected, which product would you like to receive for your "Free Five"

But I don't know how to take a good picture...

We can help with that, click here.

Ok, so I followed all the instructions, now what?

You wait to hear from us to see if you have been selected. If you have, we will let you know. We may also need to reach out to you for shipping information on where to send your free 5 gallons.

What are you going to do with all this stuff?

Glad you asked. We will be sending out periodic emails to our subscriber network to showcase our products and happy customers! Your photos (if selected) will also appear on our website, and at our Twitter and Facebook pages. If possible, we will link to your company's website or twitter/facebook account. It's a win win!

What's the fine print?

*A.R.T. is not eligible for the "Free 5 Program". **Entries that utilize NMD80 and OneRestore will not be accepted except in unique applications. By sending your photos and information to EaCo Chem to enter this program, you are giving us permission to use your photos and information in any way we see fit. For a full list of official rules, click here.

Click here to view previous winners.


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