Deck Stripping
with LCS and AcrylicStrip

EaCo Chem’s LCS will remove multiple layers of latexes, acrylic latexes, alkyds, certain enamels, oil based stains, and other resin coatings. This coating stripper is not flammable and has a citric scent. This chemical may cause harm on some substrates to which it would be applied including bare wood, metals, asphalt shingles, vinyl siding and aluminum trim. Plants may be damaged by direct application so take care to not allow the product to contact plants when you are applying.

Always test the product in an inconspicuous area before starting the job. LCS has an extremely wide range of applications. It is virtually instantaneous in penetrating most deck stains and paints. Limitations of the product include keeping the chemical from directly interacting with plants and unprotected skin as the product may harm plants and burn skin. To avoid harm to masonry, do not clean when temperatures are below freezing or that my drop below freezing overnight. The best cleaning results are achieved when air and masonry surface temperatures are 40° Fahrenheit or above. Testing should confirm cleaning effectiveness on each type of surface and stain designated to be cleaned. Test also to determine the desired surface contact time and any potential for adverse reactions with adjacent materials. Allow the test panels to dry thoroughly before evaluating final appearance and results.

AcrylicStrip is a solvent based sealer, stain, coating and paint stripper with a wide range of applications. AcrylicStrip will remove multiple layers of acrylics, deck sealers, polymer coatings, latexes, acrylic latexes, alkyds, enamels, oil-based stains, polyurethanes and other resin coatings.

Application Instructions: AcrylicStrip is best applied through a low pressure application system, however it may can be brushed, wiped, or rolled on to the surface. Coverage is expected to be between 250 to 400 square feet per gallon. Results will be faster and more complete on horizontal surfaces. Depending on the paint or coating involved, more than one coat or a second application may be needed. Certain enamels may best be removed with AcrylicStrip CS which is a caustic and d-limonene water based product. If you find that the surface under your paint is gray or weathered, try some Britenol to restore it to the original color without harming the surface.