Encyclopedia of Clean

Here at EaCo Chem we know that cleaning can be a daunting task even for experienced professionals. Thats why we have placed customer education as a top priority. The Encyclopedia of Clean will answer many of your questions about cleaning. If you can't find what you are looking for in the encyclopedia then just call us, we are happy to help!

The Encyclopedia of Clean is a general guide to help identify cleaning issues and select the correct EaCo Chem product for the job. It is organized by categories of stains, then by each individual type of stain. General guidelines are given to help identify the stain. The most common substrates that the type of stain appears on is listed, however many stains can appear on a multitude of other substrates. The most effective EaCo Chem products are listed for cleaning but other products may be more suitable under particular circumstances. If you are unsure about a stain we encourage you to contact EaCo Chem Inc. support for individualized instruction.

The Encyclopedia of Clean is not a definitive document, stains can appear in a multitude of forms on many substrates. Ultimately it is your testing that will determine the suitability of a product to effectively and safely clean a given substrate. Always consult with the product specification sheet prior to cleaning any surface.


White Stains - Includes: Calcite, Efflorecscence, Haze, Lime Run, White Scum, & Integral Water Repellent

Vanadium and Manganese - Includes: Vanadium & Manganese Stains

New Construction - Includes: Acid Burn, Clay Stains, Clean-up Efflorescence & Mortar Smears

Other External Stains - Includes: Black Crust, Black Specks, Gum Softening, Hard Water Stains & Tire Scuff Marks

Metal Stains - Includes: Copper, Oxidation, Rust Stains & Surface Rust

Coating Removal - Includes: Aluminum Concrete Forms, Carpet Adhesives, Caulk Removal, Construction Adhesives, Curing Compounds, Decal Adhesive, Graffiti, Mult-Layer Paint Stripping, Sealer Overspray, Silicate Sealers & Paint Stripping Charts

Oil, Grease, and Tar - Includes: Asphalt and Tar, Hydraulic Fluid & Oil Stains

House and Deck - Includes: Asphalt Roofs, Decks, Driveways, Gutters, Downspouts & Eaves, Paver Patios & Siding