Enter the $500 Video Contest

How would you like to WIN $500?! The EaCo Chem team wants to see videos of customers using our products. We're having a contest for the best video using EaCo Chem products. The contest is under way now and will end July 1st with the winner being awarded $500.


1. The video you submit must clearly show the proper application for the product being used. Please follow the EaCo Chem written application process.

2. NMD 80 videos must show the EC Jet being utilized.

3. The video(s) must have clear images of the "before" state of the project, the application process, and the finished result.

4. The viewers need to know you are using EaCo Chem’s product(s), so please make sure the EaCo Chem product label is clearly displayed and visible throughout the video.

Once this criteria is met, simply upload the video(s) to our Google Drive folder.

Then send us an email letting us know the video is uploaded:

Good luck! We look forward to seeing your videos!


Disclaimer: Participation in this contest grants EaCo Chem the rights to all videos submitted. The use of these videos will be for marketing, training, and product development purposes only.