Cleaning Up New Orleans

Robert Phillips is relatively new to EaCo Chem products. After using the products for about one year his company G & R Pressure Washing experienced tremendous growth.

Robert states, “It is wonderful to have quality products like EaCo Chem in your toolbox. Their unmatched performance has helped me grow my business. And knowing that a well-informed support team is a phone call away is a great benefit”.

A great example of the power of the product in the hands of an experienced contractor is demonstrated by the project of the historic Cotton Exchange Hotel in New Orleans, LA.

Robert went to the hotel prepared with a knowledgeable presentation of great products. The safety and savings explained during the testing of EaCo Chem’s OneRestore product turned heads. Campo Architects out of New Orleans and CRS out of Georgia were impressed by Robert’s knowledge of the industry and EaCo Chem’s past national successes. CRS and Campo then specified the use of OneRestore during this historic restoration.

The architects were so impressed with Robert’s demo and knowledge of the other buildings in town that were cleaned with EaCo Chem products, they asked Robert to submit a bid on another historical hotel as well as being a paid consultant on the project.

Because he was able to show the positives of EaCo Chem’s OneRestore over the three required ProSoCo products Limestone Pre-wash, Wash and After Wash, Robert found himself doing a job that throughout the years would have been done by companies from outside the area. Due to this successful presentation, Robert has received many other invitations to bid on local hotels.

When you arm yourself with knowledge and great products you find yourself on the winning side. Safety, Testing, and Savings are important in any area and when working on a landmark building, they can make all the difference. In Robert’s case a $30,000 difference in savings!

The past national successes of EaCo Chem will help you bolster the future success of your business.


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