I recently read a quote from Benjamin Franklin. This is a quote I had heard a million times, but this time it made more sense…or did it make more cents?

Last week a young man came to our offices looking for a product to fix his problem. Let’s call him Jack. The house Jack was cleaning needed something more than he was using so he came to us for the answer. Jack stood in our lobby and told us all about what this “stuff” looked like and what he was using and then he said “what do I use to get rid of it?” Since we could not see the issue, we could only advise him to take a couple different samples of EaCo Chem products and run a few tests. Jack left and returned to the job site and began his testing and found the solution was one of our products. Jack climbed into his van one more time and drove back to our office to purchase the solution to this now solvable problem. Lynn Peden, owner of EaCo Chem, and a contractor for many years spoke with Jack about the importance of being prepared by having the right products in the van. Jack drove away to finish the job with a product that worked and both Jack and his customer were very happy with a job well done There could have been a happier ending than this one. Jack could have had in his van a simple bucket with 7 or 8 different EaCo Chem products in pint containers to use for testing. It would have saved Jack a lot of time and as Benjamin Franklin said, “Time is money”.

Time is Money - Ben Franklin

Let’s quickly recap Jack’s day…go to job…leave job…go to job…leave job…go to job to finish. I am tired just typing it out. All that travel time, all that gasoline, and all those man hours. If he would have had an EaCo Chem test bucket he would have known what he needed when he first arrived at the job. Ka-ching! “A penny saved is a penny earned”, another great quote from Ol’ Ben.

Let’s say you are working on a building an hour away from your shop and someone walks up to you and says, “Can you come by the office and take a look at my building?” Would you be ready to sell or would you need to drive all the way back to the shop just to come back to the same spot later or would you rather stop by on your way back to the shop and do a quick test? Which will save you more money? Which makes the most sense? Which one says, “I am a professional”?

A professional is always prepared. Be professional, have a variety of EaCo Chem products on hand at all times. Because having the wrong products in your bucket could lead to failure. Failure leads to not winning the job, which leads to no money. So, I guess that shows that failure makes no cents! One recommendation is to carry our Complete Cure Kit with the addition of Heritage Restorer, SOS 50, Acrylistrip, and Instrip as well. In another bucket you might want to carry Instrip, Polish Stone, GrafEx, and Stripper Cream. You are the professional; you can build this bucket to your regional needs and/or company specialties but carry buckets. I guess then to make more cents, you need to make more sense in your approach to unexpected opportunities. Be prepared for anything and you can get any job.


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