EaCo Chem - RS10 BC
RS10BC is excellent options for those with reclaim systems of every variety.

Excellent for All Reclaim Systems

RS10 BC Product Specification | RS10 BC SDS/MSDS
Currently operating in all major brands of systems, it is specifically designed to fulfill the stringent needs of a total reclaim system. RS10 BC is remarkable in what it will accomplish - brushless removal of bugs, road film removal, degreasing of engines. RS10BC is even more interesting in what it doesn’t include: non-ionics, sulfonates, high pH, harmful solvents, phosphates, or emulsifiers. All of the substances are trouble in a reclaim system long term. You will get good splitting of oils and water, no emulsification of the oils, virtually no foam on rinsing, and long life for those expensive filters.

Complementary Products

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Glory BC is a brushless truck wash which utilizes the “Million Mile Shine” system.


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