Polished Stone Cleaner - Interior Marble Cleaner for Floors and Walls

Interior Marble Cleaner
for Floors and Walls

Polished Stone Cleaner Specification | Polished Stone Cleaner SDS
This unique chemistry is a neutral cleaner with a lot of advantages for interior cleaning. A very mild pleasant odor and non-corrosive non-hazardous components make it safe for both the user and the environment. P.S.C. is capable of removing smoke, heavy finger soils, sealers and waxes, and foot traffic soil without any harm to the marble substrate. Another real benefit of the product is that it does not foam on pickup, so that if you must vacuum the residue you will not waste time clearing foam or de-foaming. All these characteristics make the soap readily disposable to sanitary sewer or easily treated in a waste reclaim system.


* Renews the surface of the marble without any hazards.
* Neutral pH makes the soap personally and environmentally safe.
* Low foaming non-emulsifying characteristics make it great for disposal or treatment.


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