Mop & Grip - Safe for all types of hard flooring

Safe for All Types
of Hard Flooring

Mop and Grip Product Specification | Mop and Grip SDS/MSDS
Mop & Grip removes foot traffic film, leaving a shine. Mop & Grip uses no petroleum solvents to achieve its cleaning and is completely biodegradable and safe for all floor surfaces. Rinsed with normal care this product will give good results without any water film. The product doesn’t contain phosphates, sulfonates, or hazardous fluorides.


* Extra suds for brush lubrication
* Safe for all types of hard flooring
* Biodegradable
* Reduces slipping in many applications

Complementary Products

Polished Stone Cleaner (PSC) is a neutral cleaner for polished stone, including marble.


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