HD Sabre - Aluminum Brightener, Complex Ion Solublizer

Aluminum Brightener,
Complex Ion Solublizer

HD Sabre Product Spec | HD Sabre SDS/MSDS
HD Sabre is a non-hydrofluoric acid, biodegradable general purpose cleaner. HD Sabre is used to clean aluminum, stain- less steel truck bodies (non-coated), and the floors of food trailers. The product is safe around glass when at use dilutions. When HD Sabre is used properly, cleaning leaves a nice shine. This product will remove many kinds of mineral, metal, and food stains or buildups. It is an excellent cleaner on fiberglass, tile, and porcelain and the metal finishes commonly found in wash areas. Over time, HD Sabre improves safety and efficiency when cleaning the floors of food trailers.


* Contains no hydrofluoric acid
* HD Sabre will not etch glass if it dries at use dilutions.
* Safe for people and paint
* Brushless cleaning on aluminum
* Leaves antioxidant coating
* Reclaim friendly

Complementary Products

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Glory BC is a brushless truck wash which utilizes the “Million Mile Shine” system.


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