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EF-Fortless - Melts away powdery efflorescence

Melts Away Powdery

EF-Fortless Product Specification | EF-Fortless SDS/MSDS
EF-Fortless is a truly remarkable soap solution that melts away powdery efflorescence and haze from clean-up efflorescence, and helps to control its return. This product is mildly acidic and great for use on color sensitive surfaces, since it will not discolor brick, block or mortar. It can be used on slurry-dyed block and similar substrates. Simply apply EF-Fortless undiluted and wait for the foam to collapse. Reapply as needed until there is no foaming on contact. With EF-Fortless only, the product does not need to be rinsed from vertical surfaces (option). When used on horizontal surface it must be rinsed When using a sealer, rinse to remove any chemical residue that was not absorbed.



* Helps control return of efflorescence
* Safe on glass
* Do not have to use pressure washer
* Improves productivity
* Reduces liability

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