NMD 80 is the safest, most effective and profitable way to clean new masonry. NMD 80 is a powerful detergent-based solution designed for safe and effective removal of efflorescence and mortar smears from masonry surfaces. It can be used on all masonry substrates including brick, stone, synthetic stone, precast concre te, designer or colored block. The added buffering ingredients allow NMD 80 to be powerful yet safe enough for glass and anodized aluminum. NMD 80 requires no respirator when working outdoors, which can help prevent unnecessary fines. The product is capable of extremely thorough cleaning without brushing or scrubbing, while leaving the cream on the mortar joints unharmed.

Proper usage ensures impressive reductions in chemical costs and cleaning time. Combine cost reductions with heightened safety, an oustanding finished appearance and a dramatic reduction in post cleaning stains and you have tomorrow’s chemistry today!
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