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Hardscape Cleaning Equipment

For Professional Use Only

The proper equipment will always make any cleaning project go much more smoothly. You would never try to hammer a screw in, so why use the wrong equipment to clean hardscape?

Before you get started, make sure you have the following items with you:

Pressure Washer - a 3 - 5 G.P.M. unit is recommended with 2,000 P.S.I. for optimum, efficiency.

EC Jet for Pavers - Quick coupling to the tip of your pressure washer wand. It comes with 30' of hose to allow cleaning of 1,800 square feet of surface. To rinse, simply shut off the chemical intake valve.

Tips needed on pressure washer to work with EC Jet for Pavers
- Meg nozzle - Quick cnnect nozzle necessary for use of EC Jet for Pavers.

- NPT nozzle - screwed into pressure washer wand. This type of system will not work with the EC Jet for Pavers unless it is connected with an adaptor.

- MEG Adaptor for NPT nozzle

Polyethylene Mortar Pan - To help prevent any spills or drips on the paver surface. Should be wide enough and deep enough to capture any liquid if the bucket spills


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