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September 2012: Another saved project - this homowner wanted to tear down his outdoor kitchen; Do the math - decrease your cleaning cost by 28%! Get ready for the 2013 calendar, available soon.

August 2012: Time to look out for your new calendar, get your orders in! Have no fear, fear is what can be the difference between success and failure; our new hardscape program is unveiled.

June 2012: And the winner is - OneRestore! Tagged, You're It, the locals take on graffiti.

May 2012: Baked Earth (Terra Cotta) - still beautiful when clean; Top 10 list - Why you shouldn't use EaCo Chem!; Is the Wall Sealed? - why aren't the white stains coming clean!

April 2012: Dramatic Results with Stripper Cream, Why get Test Kits, New Feature - "GRILLIN' TIME" - tips for awsome ribs!

March 2012: Post-Winter Opportunities, Crazy Calcite, "Specs" are in

February 2012: Severe Rust Stains, New Web Feature, Did You Know?

January 2012: Paving the Way to Opportunity; IWCA - Be There!

March 2011: NMD 80, New masonry cleaning, Instrip Success, Getting the most out of your employees.

September 2010: Graffiti Removal,
New Learning Center, Expanding Regions

August 2010: Opening Doors of Opportunity, Social Networking, EF-Fortless Now
Ships Non-Hazardous

July 2010: Prime Time for New Construction Cleaning, Complete Cure Testing Procedures

June 2010: Integral Water Repellent and Admixtures, The Water Test

May 2010: The “New Face of Clean”,
Hydraulic Fluid Not Impossible to Remove

April 2010:
The Complete Cure for New Construction Issues, The EC Jet

March 2010:
Efflorescence Removal from Pavers, New website

February 2010:
Are You Ready for Efflorescence, Good Pictures Make all the Difference, Stripsol LO