For Professional Use Only

A.R.T. is a solvent-based resin system designed for treating the surface of anodized aluminum to renew satin luster that has been damaged by environmental or chemical pollutants.
Burn Restore is an acid burn repair system for glazed brick.
Cleansol BC is an all-purpose alkaline cleaner for use on painted metal, EIFS, vinyl, roofs, porous concrete, siding, wood, etc., while acting as a neutralizer for acids used in high rise restoration.
C-Tar Melt is a water soluble, rinseable tar remover that is safe for wood, metal, and masonry surfaces and will not raise the grain or cause discoloration of the surface.
GS Restoration (GSR) is a non-hydrofluoric restoration detergent designed for glazed brick, concrete and terra cotta cleaning.
HD Britenol is an all purpose mild acid cleaner designed for use on homes and in light duty commercial applications which can be used on a variety of surfaces.
Heritage Restorer
Heritage Restorer cleans terra cotta, clay and concrete masonry, and stone Removes vanadium, manganese, atmospheric staining, sealer overspray, concrete leaching, rust, paint wash, mineral stains, etc...
OneRestore® is a commercial grade restoration detergent and stain remover, with a wide range of applications and substrates.
OneRestore GEL, extended dwell OneRestore, removes stains from heavily stained or crusted surfaces.
Polished Stone Cleaner (PSC) is a neutral cleaner for polished stone, including marble.
Smoke Melt is a highly alkaline cleaning product that will remove heavy soil deposits from metal, wood or masonry at high dilutions, strip latex and enamel paint, and softens heavy black smoke.
Stripper Cream is a thickened multilayer paint remover. Stripper Cream will also remove thick black crust from Limestone.