EaCo Chem - Degreasers


For Professional Use Only



Boss is an alkaline-solvent base oil spot remover that whitens concrete while removing oil stains. Boss is also used to remove food oil from exhaust hoods.
C-Tar Melt

C-Tar Melt

C-Tar Melt is a water soluble, rinsable tar remover that is safe for wood, metal, and masonry surfaces and will not raise the grain or cause discoloration of the surface.

HD Degreaser

HD Degreaser is an extended dwell carbon and grease remover.


PLUS is a high pressure degreaser for use with a pressure washer which removes thick grease from heavy equipment and rolling stock.

Purple Plus BC

Purple Plus BC is a water-based degreaser for removing heavy grease, oil buildup, and stains from heavy equipment, rolling stock and concrete.


RS10 BC is a reclaim soap for truck washing and degreasing.

Smoke Melt

Smoke Melt is a highly alkaline cleaning product that will remove heavy soil deposits from metal, wood or masonry at high dilutions, strip latex and enamel paint, and softens heavy black smoke.