Wash On Wet Wax

For Professional Use Only

W.O.W.W. is a superior wash and wax type product that uses some of the finest new wax technology in a “safe for all surfaces” product. This product will give the extra benefit of good cleaning ability, excellent shine, and beading characteristics that lasts for weeks yet never build up or create a haze problem. The clean even extends to such hard to remove problems as tree sap and road oils. W.O.W.W. is an exceptionally mild product with a pleasant odor. It is an excellent choice for a follow up or problem solving solutions if soap has hazed an acrylic type wash and wax product. The acrylics often just trap dirt under a water-based clear coat that creates shine but an unsafe surface for much soap. You will not have this problem with W.O.W.W. but it may take a few washings to remove the bad acrylic product. W.O.W.W. is very good for the aluminum and chrome surfaces on a car. It is an effective non-abrasive polish.

WOWW Product Specification


Examples of WOWW

Wash On Wet Wax Wash On Wet Wax Wash On Wet Wax Wash On Wet Wax